Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Add this to the many reasons why you neeeeeed to preorder OF NEPTUNE, the third and final installment of the Syrena Legacy series. (May 13, 2014):

There is EXCLUSIVE bonus content if you preorder OF NEPTUNE, or purchase it between the dates of May 13, 2014 through May 18, 2014.

1.) You'll immediately get an exclusive chapter from OF NEPTUNE. This chapter will not be available anywhere else until the date of release.  The chapter is juicy, so you might actually hate me after reading it...

2.) You'll get an exclusive bonus short story told from...wait for it...Rayna's POV! Note: This short story goes away forever after the first week of release of OF NEPTUNE, so don't miss out on this special opportunity to get inside that girl's head. Yes, there is Galen. Yes, there is Toraf. 'Nuff said. :)

So, to get all this fantabulous content, you must email me proof of your preorder, which could be a picture, scan, or email confirmation of your purchase receipt. Send the email to

We'll respond with a PDF specially designed for this content. It's that simple.

So um, the question isn't WHY should you preorder OF NEPTUNE, the question is: Why NOT? 


  1. WOW!!!!! This is so awesome!!!! That being said I have a stupid question-does it count is we pre-order it on ibooks? or do we need to preorder are hard copy?

  2. Well, do I have to preorder it from Amazon? or is there other places I can preorder it and still get the extra stuff ?

    1. From anywhere that will give you a receipt I guess - even your local bookshop! :-) As long as you can scan it...

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