Saturday, May 3, 2014


Now there are 9 days left until the third installment of The Syrena Legacy trilogy, OF NEPTUNE, releases (May 13, 2014 people!). If you haven't had a chance to read the series yet, or you have a friend who has a friend who has a friend who hasn't read it yet, now is your/their chance!

Every Friday until OF NEPTUNE releases I'm giving away a signed set of OF POSEIDON and OF TRITON.  These giveaways are open internationally, because I do adore my international fans. :)

Here's how you enter for your chance to win:

1.) Leave a comment below, explaining why you want to win. Don't worry, you don't have to write a novel to catch my eye. I hate giveaways that make you jump through fiery hoops so let's keep it simple, eh? One winner will be chosen randomly each week. If you don't win, try try again! I'll repost this each Friday, which will represent a new chance to win.

2.) A winner will be chosen the following Thursday and notified via Twitter. Winners will be announced on Twitter, not on this blog, so leave your Twitter handle in your comment. If you do not leave your Twitter handle, you will not be chosen. This is how I will contact you if you win. This is a Twitter based contest.

3.) That's it. Easy schmeasy, right? But remember, just because you don't have to jump through hoops, you *could* help me spread the word about the giveaway if you lub me and if you have time or whatever. You know. No pressure. So...


P.S. If we exceed the number of comments the week before, I'm also giving out a consolation prize of a swag pack to an additional winner! 

P.P.S  You can enter multiple times, but PLEASE do not enter the same comment over and over. This is spamming, instead of participating.


So I know you've been waiting to hear the results of this and I'm ashamed I've kept you waiting this long. But without further ado, I'm announcing that shanfourteen has won the Girls Day Out contest for most creative day spent with Rayna and Emma.

This is what she wrote:

Take the two of them bowling, and when Emma beats the both of us fair and square (best out of three = 2 to Emma and 1 to me), take them to a boxing ring where Rayna can let out her frustrations on a properly trained boxer/trainer and Emma and I can watch from afar, laughing at how red in the face Rayna gets from how hard she's throwing the punches. We call out random things about Toraf until Rayna threatens us. When she's finished, take the two of them for ice-cream. Emma and Rayna start having a completely irrelevant argument about who's a better boyfriend - Toraf or Galen - until I argue that they're both not there and we can have more fun without them. We then head to the cinema to watch a movie about mermaids. To my, and even Emma's, surprise Rayna loves it but tells us if we tell Galen or Toraf that she does in fact like a human thing we won't be around to see them laugh. We head back to the house where the boys are and for the rest of the night the three of us quote the movie. We insist that they're inside jokes when the boys ask us what in the world we are doing.

Shanfourteen, please email me your mailing address so I can send your swag pack to you! Congratulations!!!