Friday, March 21, 2014

Girls Day Out-A Syrena Legacy Short Story

So there's a new addition to the Syrena Legacy series family: Girls Day Out (April 1, 2014) and it's available for preorder now.

Here are the deets:

Emma, who is half human and half Syrena, has a day apart from her Syrena love, Galen. Emma doesn’t plan to spend the day with Galen’s opinionated and bossy sister, Rayna, but she can’t quite get out of it, either. And Galen will appreciate her attempt to bond with Rayna, right? But when Rayna’s unpredictable antics put them in danger, can they rely on each other to get themselves out of it?

Which leaves the question: If you could join Emma and Rayna on a girls day out, what would you want to do?

Leave your answer in the comments. The most creative wins a swag pack! :)


  1. take rayna to an amusement park and loud her up on cotton candy and soda!!

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  2. Take the two of them bowling, and when Emma beats the both of us fair and square (best out of three = 2 to Emma and 1 to me), take them to a boxing ring where Rayna can let out her frustrations on a properly trained boxer/trainer and Emma and I can watch from afar, laughing at how red in the face Rayna gets from how hard she's throwing the punches. We call out random things about Toraf until Rayna threatens us. When she's finished, take the two of them for ice-cream. Emma and Rayna start having a completely irrelevant argument about who's a better boyfriend - Toraf or Galen - until I argue that they're both not there and we can have more fun without them. We then head to the cinema to watch a movie about mermaids. To my, and even Emma's, surprise Rayna loves it but tells us if we tell Galen or Toraf that she does in fact like a human thing we won't be around to see them laugh. We head back to the house where the boys are and for the rest of the night the three of us quote the movie. We insist that they're inside jokes when the boys ask us what in the world we are doing.

    (If I made this too long, I hugely apologise. :3)

  3. Well first we'd go to the local mall and people watch! We'd make up situations based off of the strangers we see! Then we'd go to a department and each of us would put together an outfit from the sales rack! The best outfit wins and the winner gets bragging rights! Then we'd go around and interview strangers about random things! Then we'd take a bunch of selfies. Then we would go eat dinner at red lobster! Lastly we'd go back to my place and watch movies, play games, and eat food for the rest of the night! :D
    - @michaelasloney

  4. First we'd go to the Mall and we will start shopping make up, shoes and clothes later we'd go to a spa and relax and finally go to the house to watch movies and eat a lot of food :)

  5. I.. am not entering the giveaway, as I don't really do any fun things so I have no suggestions :p But ohh. Well.. Maybe we could go driving a snowmobile; which we do here in Norway in the winter :) It isn't that far to drive to the mountain ;p But anyway. Just wanted to say that this short story sounds AWESOME and I cannot wait to read it :D
    Love, Carina

  6. Male strip club, complete with fake IDs ;)

    I'm completely serious.

    Or am I?


  7. Have a super-mega-awesome-slumber-party-EXTRAVAGANZA!
    Talk for hours and hours, gossip about Galen and his hotness (much to Emma's dismay), eat a picnic on a nice reef down in the ocean, come back home, and have a HORROR-MOVIE MARATHON!!!!!!

  8. Well honestly, I'd do anything EXCEPT go on a drive. Haha. No way would I let Rayna near a steering wheel! I would, however play paintball with them! It would be totally hilarious to see Emma & Rayna having a showdown! Honestly I wouldn't even be sure who would win! Lol. Great giveaway, Anna! :)

  9. I would take them to McDonalds for a start. Rayna would sure love the fillet o' fish burger! After that, stock up on Phish Food Ben and Jerrys ice cream. Now stocked up with ice cream, we'd head back to the house and put on a few movies. The Little Mermaid and Aquamarine. Heehee. Rayna will soon notice all the fishy puns swimming around. After that, we'd set a tent up on the beach. Night time stargazing time accompanied by a side of 'let's gossip about our boyfriends.' But yeah... as soon as Emma says how good Galen is a kisser, I think Rayna would want to bolt into the water from horror. Or maybe that is Emma's intention since Rayna has eaten almost all of the leftover ice cream

    Thank you for the giveaway Anna! My Twitter is @heiroffire :)

  10. First we would go see the Grand Canyon (since I live near there) then we would go to the mall and buy SUPER fancy dresses and wear crowns and go to some restaurant. then go home and watch a bunch of variety of movies and order pizza and eat till we get fat. Then we would do blind makeovers and video tape ourselves doing them (to look back on when we are older) Finally end the day swimming and talking about boys and prank calling in my pool:)
    Twitter: @lilycooper23

  11. I'd want to go shopping, eat out at some nice restaurant like Chiles, have a movie night, and talk about the stupid things guys do.
    Thank you!

  12. We'll go see a movie. And I'll do what Emma did to Galen when they watched movie to Rayna( like really wanna see her face) of course, she'll get mad at me and I'll give her this little cute kitten that I hid in my backpack for so long. (So frigging ironic! Kitten! Really) then will go on a ride, Emma will be the one to drive, and we sing along in the car and stop to this beach and go wild like running out the car Ray a carrying her kitten and we dance under the bright light of the moon. Then when we get tried, we lie down on the sand laughing like crazy and Rayna and Emma wants to swim and they will ask me to join them but I'll cry NO! because I don't know how to swim and the two will exchange a meaningful look and then grinned at me and then pulled me to the beach. So here is where Rayna's revenge from my act earlier in the movie house.

  13. I think we'll probably do book-to-movie adaptations movie marathon or watch mermaid movies-Little Mermaid, Aquamarine etc., then discuss books and yeah-talk about Galen and Toraf's hotness for a while, go surfing or snorkeling sometime and watch the stars overhead or do stargazing on a yacht during the night. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway~If Emma and Rayna could just be real, they could be my best friends. My twitter is @MightaZerie.

  14. First we would get lunch, then go to the mall and shop a little. Then, we would drop all of our stuff off at our houses and grab our stuff to go downhill skiing, and ski for a few hours then go to my house change, eat and then go to Wal-Mart when it's dark out and start playing hide and seek in the store. Who ever gets caught first loses, and we would have to stay out of the food section and the front of the store. When one of us gets caught rescue them and run out of the store and die laughing as we walk away from the store, then go do it again at a different store. Then go back to my house and have a sleepover and a movie marathon into the wee hours of the night.
    P.S. I really want the swag pack but I don't have a Twitter account. :'(
    P.P.S. And yes our ski hill is still open, we still have snow and it's still winter here.

  15. If I ever got to hang out with Emma and Rayna, I'd be scared. You will NEVER know what's gonna happen with Rayna. But I would take the risk.
    First, I would bribe them into buying me diving gear (Rayna's so rich, it won't matter about the cost) :D Then we will go for a helicopter ride and see how similar Rayna and Toraf are. Emma will then kick the door open and we jump out. Rayna screams so loud on the way down, I hope she doesn't create a tsunami or something. Anyways, the three of us go DEEP into the water and explore famous shipwrecks. (I really want to do this before I die). After about 2 hours, Emma starts to grumble something about being in the water too long and an angry Galen. On the other hand, Rayna is completely obsessing over her new treasures. I nod at Emma and the 2 Syrenas drag me back to shore. We wash off at Galen's house and spend the rest of the day relaxing and sleeping and eating and eating some more. Sometime during dinner, I accidently mention how hot Galen and Toraf are, and Rayna and Emma explode. NOT LITERALLY. Soon, Rayna and Emma get into a physical fight about who's hotter. I fall asleep a while later :D
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  16. I'd take them to a wedding on the beach! (uninvited of course!) and then pretend we know everybody and start telling stories about how we met the couple. Then dare Rayna to steal the new-husband for a dance, make everybody gasp and run like crazy!

  17. I would do something that is as far from water as you can get, like mountain climbing. It will be fun making them feel like fish out of water -literally. ;)

  18. Rayna would totally freak out about everything and that would make Emma and I laugh so much. And that is a good start because who doesn't want an excited Rayna running around with stars on her eyes? We would go eat some tacos, drink milshakes, and then we would show Rayna gummy fish so she can freak out more and laugh some more omg. And then at the end, we would rest and surf the internet, until we are so tired we succumb to our dreams.

    Thanks so so so much Anna! Awesome possum- Twitter: @YATOGAMLS

  19. It's a girls day out, but who says we have to be girly? :) I would take them to go rock climbing. I don't know why, but the idea of rock climbing seems relaxing, and they both need that. They are both so short tempered and I like that about them. I would probably also take them to go boxing. Let out some anger. Then we'd go eat lunch at Kitaro (Sushi place). We'd check out some places at the mall. Buy some clothes, cause duh. We're girls. Then we'd go to an amusement park for the rest of the day. That honestly sounds like a very fun day to me. A little exhausting, but worth it. @kandydevil19

  20. We would out shopping, that's always fun to do when you're with friends and it'd also be super fun to have a slumber party, watch movies with hot guys in it, that for me sounds awesome xD

  21. We'd go hang-gliding or skydiving or maybe bungee jumping so that Rayna and Emma could say they've been in water, land AND sky. Then we'd go get pedicures, but Rayna's feet would get ticklish and she'd accidentally kick the lady in the face or something and we'd have to leave. Then we'd buy a bunch of candy and snack foods and go back to the house and watch a chick flick or High School Musical or something. Emma and Rayna would talk about how Toraf and Galen are hotter than Zac Efron and we would all sing the songs the rest of the day. would sing the songs the rest of the day. :D
    My Twitter is @OliviaHudak

  22. I'd totally take the girls to sea world for the day :) once Rayna realizes the animals are in captivity, she'd want to free them obviously. So we'd spend most of the day creating turmoil and riding the roller coasters there. Once we're done releasing the animals back into their natural habitat, we'll take an air lift in a hot air balloon as the day dies down and jump into the ocean where the girls will be content while I'm freezing and complaining of my puny human lungs. We'd end the day with a home cooked meal and a movie marathon of all sorts :33

  23. I'd like to go sky diving with Rayna and Emma, as well as ice skating; I don't know why exactly but I'd like to see their reactions to these activities. More specifically Rayna's reaction. Also, I'd like to see Rayna and Emma fight in person (if they were real)~ from a safe distance of course!

  24. Wow, I don't know what happened to my Post but here it is again:
    We all know that Rayna loves Human trinkets, so I would take her to the Flea Market first. This would take ALL day! Afterwards I would probably want to end the day at the beach with a bonfire and a nightly swim. Even a swimming contest could be fun.

  25. If I could be with Rayna and Emma for a day, I would just love to have a girls day out. Since I'm 15 myself and they're not much older than me, I could ask them a bunch of stuff about boys (and about Galen and Toraf of course) and other teenage girl stuff. Then, we would go get our nails done and then maybe go to Starbucks and then the beach. And through out the day we would also probably take a bunch of selfies and a lot of artsy photos. At the end of the day, we would probably dress up really fancy and go out to a restaurant downtown.

  26. I know it is probably to late but whatever!!! I would take them to get their nails done and laugh at the reaction of Rayna when she sees that they can draw stuff like flowers on her nails. After that Emma and I would make a list of top ten mermaid movies/t.v shows and then watch it with Rayna!!! Finally go swiming and gossip! Also I would tell the I am jealous of them being Mermaids because I hate being out of water and not swimming!!

    P.S if it is not to late my twitter is @Book_Lover_100 and I can wait for "Of Neptune"

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