Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On Writing

With the release of my second book next month, I've been reflecting a lot on my publishing journey. I remember the painful rejections from agents, the late nights I spent perfecting my query letter, the lunch hours spent in my car writing down scenes as they struck me. The maddening feeling of "Am I crazy for putting so much energy into this? What if I'm no good? Is this going to be something I'll be embarrassed about in ten years?"

We all fight our doubts. We all let ourselves get in our own way. I did. I even had people telling me I would never make it. That I was wasting my time.

But I had other people too. I had the writing community, and without them, without you, I wouldn't have made it. I know that with every fiber in my body. Soldiers fighting a war in the trenches always became close, like brothers. They looked out for one another, they were loyal to each other, and they truly cared.

That's how it is in the query trenches. You won't stay there forever. Like soldiers, you'll suffer injuries. But it will be in the form of rejection, and it will maul your pride instead of your physical body. The scars will either make you stronger or make you quit. I remember the soldiers in the query trenches with me. And it seemed like when one of us got an agent, the rest of us did. I fought with Mindy McGinnis, AG Howard, Valerie Cole, Heather Rebel, and many more.  I got an agent. They all got agents. What are the chances of that? Do you see the pattern here?

We were there for each other. And we made it out of the trenches together.

So if you're an aspiring writer, don't keep to yourself. Give and receive. Get involved. Learn your craft, teach your craft. Share information and doubts and worries and excitement and encouragement.

Get each other out of the trenches.

You can do it.

Monday, April 1, 2013


There are many reasons you should pre-order the hardcover of OF TRITON (unless you never need to know what happens after that horrible cliffhanger in OF POSEIDON, but whatevs, right?). But now the shiz just got real.

Because there is EXCLUSIVE bonus content you'll get if you do pre-order OF TRITON or purchase it between the dates of May 28th through June 2nd 2013.

1.) You'll get the first chapter of OF TRITON right-freaking-now. It will not be available anywhere else until the date of release. You know you want to read it. And yes, you will love-hate me when you do.

2.) You'll get a bonus scene from OF POSEIDON, told by Toraf's point of view. (Remember that part where Toraf does something to Emma on the beach in front of the twins? Well this is the scene right AFTER that scene, with all the feels Toraf has about it.! Insert squeal here.) This will also not be available anywhere else. (Hence, it's EXCLUSIVE).

So, to get all this fantabulous content, you must email me proof of your pre-order, which could be a picture, scan, or email confirmation of your purchase receipt. Send the email to oftritonbonuscontent@gmail.com.

We'll respond with a PDF designed especially for this content. It's purdy. And the words are good, too. :)

It's that easy.


Yes, thaaaaaa's right.

You guys blew me away with your entries for the Of Triton bookmark contest. (Truly. Madly. Deeply.)

Soooo I've decided to hold a contest for creating the book trailer for Of Triton. Now, since book trailers involve a bigger time investment than designing a book mark, I've decided to offer prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. If you're an aspiring writer, you'll be interested in these prizes. If you're a reader, you'll be interested in these prizes.

If you're both, you're super duper interested.


A FULL manuscript critique from my agent, the magnificent-in-every-way Lucy Carson of The Friedrich Agency.


A $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble.


You get to name a major character in OF NEPTUNE, the third and final installment in the Syrena Legacy series. 


A 50 page manuscript critique from my agent, the magnificent-in-every-way Lucy Carson.


A $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble.


A signed (and/or personalized) copy of OF TRITON.


A query letter critique from my agent, the magnificent-in-every-way Lucy Carson.


A $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble

Here are the rules:

1.) You have to use the blurb for OF TRITON to create the trailer. As in, you get no extra spoilers. I'm not saying you HAVE to include a single word from the blurb (but it's a good idea), I'm just saying that's all you have to go on. And remember, the goal is to make the viewer want to read the book right-freaking-now.

2.)  The trailer should be at least 30 seconds long. (This is a suggestion, not a strict rule.)

3.) By entering, you agree that you have access/rights to all content used in the trailer. As in, some dude's not coming after for me for using his music/images when I post the crap out of this book trailer. And post the crap out of it, I will.

4.) By entering, you agree that I can post it wherever the fancy strikes me. I'm going to be bragging about this, rest assured. If you're one of those shy artist types, this contest is not for you. You also NEED to include your information in the credits. GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT, peoples! Show the world the shiz you can do!

5.) The contest is open to US/Canada residents only. For legal reasons only, I promise. I LOVE my international fans. Sorry. :(

6.) When your entry is complete, email it to byannabanks (at) gmail (dot) com as an attachement. You are not officially entered if I do not respond to your email indicating I've received it! Feel free to harass me until I acknowledge receipt. Seriously.

7.) Have fun. Because if you don't, and you stress out about it, then you'll hate me, and possibly Galen, and I couldn't stand for that. Mkay?