Will there be a third book in the Syrena Legacy series?

Yes! It's called OF NEPTUNE and it releases in May 13, 2014. All I can tell you about this one is to hold on to your butts!!!

Will Galen marry me?

If you're human, I'm thinking no...

Who is your favorite character from all your books?

I'd have to say Nicoli from Degrees of Wrong. Guy is *hawt*.

Do you work outside the home, or do you just write for a living?

Right now I write for a living, but everything is subject to change. I will say though that writing for a living is not as glamorous as it may seem. My wardrobe consists of pajamas, and having to put on makeup has become an ordeal. Plus, being a full-time writer doesn't mean you get to write all the time. It means you have to market, plot, outline, edit, revise, be sociable, and in some cases, wash your hair. It gets tedious.

How did you come up with the idea for The Syrena Legacy series?

One day I was being particularly lazy (laying on the couch eating handfuls of popcorn at a time) when I came across a documentary about the Colossal Squid. In the scientific community, the Colossal Squid has always been a myth, fishermen's lore. Until a dead one washed up on shore in 2005. It left scientists backtracking.

The thing is, only 10% of the world's oceans have been explored. In fact, we spend more money exploring space than we do the oceans of our own planet. So it got me to thinking...What else could be out there? Mermaids? And if so, how would they have survived all this time without human detection?

The truth is, they haven't. There have been mermaid sightings since the beginning of mankind's venture out on the open seas. Even Christopher Columbus documented seeing three mermaids on one of his voyages. So I set out to create an underwater world where mermaids could exist...And I added a hot guy or two...

Have you written any other books?

Yes! I wrote a sci-fi romance that *could* be considered New Adult called Degrees of Wrong. I guarantee a feisty heroine and swoon-worthy hero in that one. *fans self*

I also wrote a YA contemporary called JOYRIDE, to be released in spring of 2015. Think Bonnie & Clyde meets Pretty in Pink.

Will The Syrena Legacy series be made into movies?

At this point it hasn't been optioned for film, but never say never!

What inspired you to start writing?

At the time, I was working two jobs and that was starting to take a toll on my health and family life, so I ended up quitting my evening job. THAT left me with too much time on my hands, so I started reading. It had been years since I read a book. And what did I pick up? The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. After I read the whole series (devoured, really) I thought to myself, "If this writer can get published, then surely I can published!"

Now don't get me wrong, I know how bad that sounds. I'm not dissing Stephenie Meyer or her series or her writing. The point is, she made is so easy to read and enjoy her books, that I thought I could do the same. (Please note, I now know there is a saying among writers: Easy reading is damn hard writing.) And so I started writing Degrees of Wrong. And it was...hard. Way harder than Stephenie Meyer made it look. But by then I was hooked. I wanted to get published so badly. So I pushed and pushed and pushed.

So I guess I should send Stephenie Meyer a thank you card!