Friday, August 12, 2011

Public Thank You Note

It occurred to me recently that I might want to start putting together some acknowledgements, since OF POSEIDON will be in book form very shortly. That way, I can be a brown-nosing do-gooder and have it ready for when my editor inevitably asks for it.

But...aren't acknowledgements supposed to be the easiest part of the whole book? 'Cause ummm, they actually kind of suck. On the one hand, I'm so terrified of forgetting someone vital, crucial to the success of this project that I bought a notebook and pen specifically for articulating my thanks whenever my thanks hit me.

On the OTHER hand (and yes, I'm ashamed there's another hand to it), I'm mulling over not including some people who *probably* expect to be mentioned. Oh sure, crit partners and supporters and die-hard readers and agents and editors will go in there, but not because I feel obligated to publicly thank them. No, these are the ones who go there without thought, because OF COURSE I'm so grateful for everything they've done to make this work a success and I know that without any one of them it might have fallen flat on its face.

But I'm talking about those other people, people who didn't help at all, but who I feel obligated to add, just because they're related to me, or because they might have read a single chapter of this book and gave a nice comment about it. Other people who didn't support my writing at all (or very, very little), but who might be offended if their name isn't mentioned.

And I've decided to not mention them anyway. Because I'm not a sell-out when I write, and to me, that includes acknowledgements. Besides, I don't have sixty pages to include the post man from my previous address who said he can't wait to read my book. I have to make room for the hard workers who made it possible for the post man from my previous address to read my book.

Sorry if that sounds snooty. :(


  1. Okay, if my brother's, girlfriends, sisters dog who looked at you once isn't mentioned, she's going to throw a tizzy!

    Haha..kidding, brother doesn't have a GF.

    Ma'am, it's your book. I won't judge you.

  2. Oh schnap, I can't believe you called out your brother like that! "My brother doesn't have a GF." LOL

  3. Wow, something I haven't even thought of till now. And you're right. Writers probably have to limit their thanks to the ones who actually contributed to the book's success by reading,critting,getting it onto the shelves, etc... or the book would be NOTHING but acknowledgements. I would think the only exception would be our immediate living-in-the-house-with-you family, since they've suffered most by our daily writing stints. LOL

    Eek. Good luck with this! Sounds like it might be one of the hardest parts of being published! I hope you can figure it out and be at peace w/it. And the notebook was a super idea, BTW!

  4. We all have relatives who think they've been integral to not only us achieving some measure of success in this world but also the fact that we even still draw breath. Never mind that when they came to visit you when you were thirteen, and you were just starting to wear makeup (albeit, badly) they laughed out loud (and pointed at you!) in a room full of people. Oh yes, lets make sure we include her.

    Then again, upon further reflection, that might just be a personal experience of mine. You look like you might have been especially adept at makeup application, even at a young age.

    I say: NO ACKNOWLEDGMENT FOR PAST TORTURES (weather they be real or imagined on part of the acknowledger)

  5. It's like that story with the hen who baked a loaf of bread...or was it cake? Let's do cake since it's lots yummier. By the time she was done, everyone wanted a piece even though none of them had helped her. And she didn't give them any.'t sweat it. Eat the cake.

  6. I haven't even started querying yet and I'm already worried about acknowledgments. Which, really, is just another way of saying how optimistically delusional I am. :)

    Try doing broad categories of people: "Thanks to all my friends, family, and strangers I met once who asked about my book and said they'd like to read that. You know who you are--even if I've since forgotten your name."

  7. Haha....yeah, well it's true! He (they...neither) have one at the moment! :0)

  8. Don't sweat it, and when it comes out, don't feel if you thought you left someone out, or if someone is offended. Mention the top few, and catergorize the rest, lol. To all my fans...

  9. Um, I'm pretty certain you're an author who is going to have a long career publishing successful novels (was that enough to get me mentioned? haha!) so if Mandie's brother does have a girlfriend by that point, you can mention her in your tenth, or twelfth think he'll have one by then?
    But I completely understand what you're talking about. There are people who were vital to the process, who you just know you couldn't have done it without. There are some who were helpful, but more for their own benefit than yours...what do you do about them?

  10. They should limit acknowledgment pages to 8 lines or something--similar to the Oscars. They'll just cut you off mid-sentence if you run over.