Saturday, September 11, 2010


What gets you in the mood to write? For me personally, it's music. I've always been a fan of movie soundtracks. Maybe that's because the key points in movies are always accompanied by music to enhance the impression made on the audience. "What a Feeling" from Flashdance, "Take My Breath Away" from Top Gun, "Must Have Been Love" from Pretty Woman, "I Will Always Love You" from the Body Guard, "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky, and so on.

When I'm prepping to write a particular scene, I listen to music beforehand. If I'm writing a fight scene, I'll select something with a fast pace, and it will probably be hard rock or some hateful rap (edited, though). Something that makes me want to scrap. If I'm writing a first-kiss scene, I usually go for 80's love songs, because they tend to be sweeter, and they build to a climax, like a first-kiss. And if my character is overwhelmed by loss, well, then, there are plenty of depressing songs out there for that.

But what gets you in the mood? Meditation? Reading other works in your genre? Exercise?


  1. Soundtracks work great but instrumental only. Like Star Trek or True Blood.

    E.S. Posthumus has an excellent album also.

    But it's the treadmill that gives me my best scenes and ideas. Why, I have no idea!

  2. I love listening to music while I write. I'm not sure how it influences me, but when the manuscript is done, certain songs remind me of it.

  3. Hi Anna,
    Meeting with my writing group helps. I feel so pumped up after our meeting I just want to write. Once I sit down in front of the computer, I like to listen to Ravel (he really inspires me) or any classical master will do. But sometimes I get inspired with Flamenco guitar (I have wonderful CDs). Lyrics kinda get in the way so I can't concentrate. That's why I prefer classical music. ;)

  4. Huntress, it's uh, been a while since I've tried the treadmill, but I do remember that giving me ideas. It seems to clear my head. Plus, plotting while exercising makes the time go by faster, don't you think?

    Theresa, same here. There are certain songs that could be the "theme" to my manuscript--sometimes even if I've never heard it before, or while writing it. I wonder what song reminds you of your characters Adam and Eve?

    Claudia, I have a date with my critique partner today! Last time we met, we both went home and wrote several chapters in a sitting. I guess I didn't think about that as motivation, but really, it is.

  5. Music that moves me as well as movies that make me think: why didn't I come up with that?

  6. It seems like many writers are inspired by music. I sometimes am, but mostly just like peace & quiet [when I can get it!].