Friday, February 14, 2014


Now there are 87 days left until the third installment of The Syrena Legacy trilogy, OF NEPTUNE, releases (May 13, 2014 people!). If you haven't had a chance to read the series yet, or you have a friend who has a friend who has a friend who hasn't read it yet, now is your/their chance!

Every Friday until OF NEPTUNE releases I'm giving away a signed set of OF POSEIDON and OF TRITON.  These giveaways are open internationally, because I do adore my international fans. :)

Here's how you enter for your chance to win:

1.) Leave a comment below, explaining why you want to win. Don't worry, you don't have to write a novel to catch my eye. I hate giveaways that make you jump through fiery hoops so let's keep it simple, eh? One winner will be chosen randomly each week. If you don't win, try try again! I'll repost this each Friday, which will represent a new chance to win.

2.) A winner will be chosen the following Thursday and notified via Twitter. Winners will be announced on Twitter, not on this blog, so leave your Twitter handle in your comment. If you do not leave your Twitter handle, you will not be chosen. This is how I will contact you if you win. This is a Twitter based contest.

3.) That's it. Easy schmeasy, right? But remember, just because you don't have to jump through hoops, you *could* help me spread the word about the giveaway if you lub me and if you have time or whatever. You know. No pressure. So...



  1. Hello!! I would REALLY like to win this contest because your writing is very inspirational to me! I have always loved reading, but your books have definitely deepened my love for it!! I have recommended your books to all my friends and they absolutely love them! I have been entering this contest each week and I would really like to win because I never win anything and it would mean the world to me if I won a contest that was as important to me as this one. Thank you for everything and have a great day!!

    -Ariella Barron

  2. Thank you so much for yet another amazing giveaway Anna. <3 You are the best! I would love to win signed copies of your books because I think they are amazing :D And having signed books is the best. Sigh. I adore you. <3
    Love, @CarinaOlsen

  3. I really want to read this because my friends told me great things about your books and I can't wait to read them!


  4. @barbary07

    Wanna win so bad!!!! Nothing would cure my Seasonal Affective Disorder like a set of books from you!

  5. I want to win these so that I can read them whenever I want, and so I can lend them to my friends!
    LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I really need your autograph. These books are so wonderful I've actually gone out and bought extra copies to give as gifts for my friends. One of them hated reading before I handed them Of Poseidon, and now she claims to love it. Both of us have given each other nicknames based off of this book, and have used them out in public. Hers is intoxicated walrus, because she is extremely clumsy. Mine is squishy, because apparently all humans are squishy. Yes, in case you're wondering this has caused some strange looks. Believe it or not even though I live in the U.S. I almost had to hunt down your books. I couldn't find Of Poseidon anywhere until I went to Canada to visit my relatives about a year ago. (Of course two months after I bought the book, I found a copy at my local store.) To this day I haven't seen Of Triton anywhere, but I special ordered for that book to come the day it was released, so I don't entirely mind. Even though I cherish the book copies that I do have the way a mama bear will protect her cubs, it is quite obvious that they've been read numerous times. These books have caused me sleepless nights, just thinking about them. By now I think it's obvious I'm obsessed with your books. To have one let alone two books signed by you would be better than the ability to eat all the chocolate and cheesecake in the world and not gain a pound. I am serious, that is not a hyperbole.

    Marina :)

  7. I would love to win because Of Poseidon is something I hold near and dear to my heart. As a book blogger, it was the very first ARC I received, and I fell in love with it. The same thing happened a year later with Of Triton. But about a month ago, I let go of those beautiful ARCs and passed them on to a close friend of mine, who loved them even more than I did! Unfortunately that means that I no longer have my own copies of the books, and it would be amazing to have beautiful finished copies!

    1. Oh no! I didn't leave my Twitter!



  8. First off I just would like to thank you for being an AMAZING author and doing these generous giveaways! Ok, back to business.....PLEASE PICK ME \[>○<]/ I remember the first time I stumbled upon OF POSEIDON at my school was fin-tastic ;) and after finishing I forced my school library to get OF TRITON......luckily me and the librarian are on first name terms. Anyway, PLEASE PICK ME because next week it my 18th birthday and winning your books would be an awesome present!! Thank you for reading my plead!


  9. Because the publication date is just too far off for me!

  10. I really want to win because YES. Super yes. and Mermaids. and Galen.
    Kaniesha @deuxlectrices

  11. First off thank you for the giveaways! I really love these books and would love to win them. They are my feel good books. I love Emma's wittiness and how he makes me laugh when I'm down. Again thank you for the giveaway.
    Twitter: @EmmaGraham15

  12. Because winning is as easy schmeasy as this! So, I'd like to win! :)))
    P.S. I also joined the bookmark contest and enjoyed making it! :)
    Twitter : @JessBrianCM

  13. ok so no matter how many times I try I can't seem to comment on any of ur posts so hopefully it works this time cause I really want a signed set of the series!!!

  14. The books are flawless and I really want a signed set of the series. Please pick me. I first found the books as a recommendation from someone else, so I went to the library to find them . They were great books. I kept renewing them until the limit for renewing:( I would love to have copies of the series of my own to keep and read forever:D

  15. Of Poseidon was one of the best books I read last year and I'd love to get my hands on a signed copy of Of Triton.

  16. I haven't had a chance at all to read your books and I would love to!


  17. I need these books in my collection!

    Twitter: @kayeoliveras

  18. I am dying, DYING to read your books!!! :D Thank you so, so much for this chance!!!

    twitter: @smiling_ina

  19. My mom LOVES this series and I hope to win it for her!

    Twitter: @rawerock41D

  20. I'm dying to read these books, but I still haven't got the chance to buy them. Plus, that super pretty covers has to be on my shelf.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  21. I wish I could own copies of your books! I loved them so much.


  22. I want to win because I absolutely ADORE Of Poseidon!! Thanks for the giveaway!


  24. 1. I love love love your books of Poseidon and Of Triton. I finished the books in less than i week because i could not stop reading. Your books have taken me to another world and not many have done that for me. smiles always come across my face when i start reading any of the two. having a signed copy of your book would just make the rest of my life. I've never really won anything before and if i don't win i would just like for you to read this... Thank you for such amazing books. Please pick me pleaseeee. you don't understand how bad i want this!
    2. @viveegee

  25. I'm kinda on a mythology rush right now, given I'm completely obsessing over the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series. So, I need more mythology! Mermaids/Syrena are perfect. Plus, I need to know what happens with Emma and Galen and this new guy Reed. I need to know!
    Thank you!

  26. I LOVE THESE BOOKS! My reason? You mean, ASIDE from the awesome story line, snarky and witty characters, feels, THAT BOOKSLAMMING PLOT TWIST AT THE END OF 'OF POSEIDON' (I'm not over it yet. I'm never getting over that one) and the beautiful writing? I don't think I ever even had the choice to not like this book and its sequel. It grabbed me immediately. Bonus points for being about mermaids (I'm so very fond of the Little Mermaid, I don't care if I'm not ten anymore). But seriously now, this series is really refreshing and fun to read. There aren't a lot of books out there like it and I would absolutely love - and faint - at the idea of having my very own signed copies. Thank you so much for hosting this! You're the best :)


  27. I want to win because I don't have a talent with editing and I can't join your other contest (bookmark and book trailer contest) but I swear to Poseidon's beard.. I really want to join those but I'm afraid to send you my trashy works. So, I have no other choice but to try my luck in here. I hope this time I win.

    - Anjeli Demagante (@jellyjelii)

  28. Hi. Random fangirl here. I just love the books. Seriously. I've never really been into the whole mermail thing until of Poseidon. When GALEN showed up. Seriously, who can resist him? I was hooked from then. After that it was the whole scouring bookshelves for more underwater fiction in between the LONG LONG waits between the books. Heh. I might just have a little problem. Love the books,


  29. I want to win simply because I love these books!!!!


  30. Pheww, there's no need for an essay... Anyways, I want to win because I absolutely adore the books! :)

  31. I want to win because the books are one of my favorites. please pick me.

  32. Wow I would really love to win this giveaway as this book really somehow spoke to me. And this book is so good that I was so engrossed from the first word to the last and I just borrowed it yesterday from the library and I have finished reading it in an hour and I have reread it again and again! It's so good that it just seems so real! And I have recommended it to my friends and they would also love to read this book as well! Also, having your autograph would be so amazing and I Really need a actual copy with me so that I can always read it. Of Poisedon and Of triton was so good and I thought I was the only person who had the same thoughts about mermaids (or well Syrena) and this book is just so awesome and good! I really hope I'm the winner of this giveaway! Stay cool and continue to write more books!! Love, Tiana p.s I hope you're having a good day :)

    Twitter: @tianathellama

  33. I want to win because I would really really really love to have physical copies of your books. Also, if it helps, I would scream incredibly loudly if I won.
    Twitter: @MissyLeeJ

  34. I would like to win because it would really be a nice addition to my books I own now. Also, I have a higher chance of convincing my brother to read these books if I had a copy. Thanks for writing such great books!

  35. This series is one of the best series I have read in a long time! And feel like I really connect to these books in more ways than one. That's why I hope to win. :) I can't wait for this third installment!! @emkah14

  36. Hello, Mrs. Anna Banks!

    I adore your work, so so much. I borrowed Of Poseidon from the library about a year ago and I completely fell in love with your writing, your plot, and your characters. I read Of Poseidon all in one night, staying up until about two in the morning. I absolutely HAD to read the next one and when Of Triton came out, I BEGGED my librarian to buy a copy. I would love to own these books more than ANYTHING, but as a college student, my finances are a bit tight, and most of the money I earn goes towards tuition. Even though I wouldn't trade going to college for anything, it is a bummer that I can't buy some of my favorite books to hold and read as much as I would like. I love your books so so much, and to own them would be amazing. It was a very sad day when I had to return Of Poseidon and Of Triton to the library. It would mean the world to me if I could win these books, not to mention if they were SIGNED. My heart might explode from happiness.

    Whether I win or not, thank you so so much for the opportunity to possibly win your books. I appreciate it greatly. :)

    Amoolya (@rozabeiikova)


    Thank you,
    Juliet (@thecathyloop)

  38. May 13th is my birthday!! Mermaids are my favorite things!! This would be a great birthday present!! ^_^


  39. I loved this series so much that for my friends birthday I went out and bought her Of Poseidon and gave her one of my signed Of Triton bookmarks:)


  40. Dear Anna,

    Well i want to win because your book is totally badass, and cool, and i need it in my hands now, i am quite desperate you see. Thanks.

    ps, i think your fuuny

    Love, your crazy fan Vanessa


  41. I want to win because those books are very fun and amusing to read. Also, it's not everyday you have a chance to get a signed book.

  42. I want to win this so bad because then, I could show all my friends that mermaids (Syrena) are cool (by lending it to them). And God! Who wouldn't want a signed copy of their favorite novel?

    And last, it would be really awesome to read the past books again before I started the last book. (Omg less than 100 days left!! I'm freaking out)

    My twitter: @felide

  43. I have only starting reading Of Poseidon and I have completely, head over heels fallen in love with it! Before school, at lunch and after school I will be in the library reading it. My are friends are always asking me what new book I have come across and I told them about how amazing and funny the book is. Usually they aren't paying much attention to what I say but this time my friend asked if she could read it after me. I was so happy she wanted to read it because she isn't in to reading much.

    I really, really want to win this! I've never won any competition before and I want my first win to be a book from Anna Banks!
    Twitter: @ParisHekimian

  44. I really want to win these books! I really enjoyed them and can't wait for the 3rd installment!

  45. Oh my gosh! My email has been hiding a bunch of emails in my spam folder! Including the reminders about these giveaways you've got going on! The little jerk!
    Anyway, I'd love to win, so I can finally read Of Triton (plus have that pretty cover to ooh and ahh over). I remember cracking up over Of Poseidon, but I never continued it, for some reason or another.

  46. I'll love to win because my friends said it was a good book and I want to read it for myself.

  47. I want to win because I want to have my own paperback copies of the series. And I want to feel the pages as I read it again.


  48. I would like to win this giveaway because, these books are amazing, as soon as I read the first chapter of Of Poseidon I fell in love with it. I really connected with the characters, I couldn't put it down. Then as soon as I finished the first book I immediately went back to my library for the second one Of Triton. I read it in two days. So since I don't own an copy of these books I would really love to win.

    twitter: makomermaids1

  49. I would love to win because I love the books so much! I can't wait to read Of Neptune! You are an awesome writer and I have them on my Kindle. I would love to one day get the actual hard copies and get them signed by you!
    Twitter @Stephalaughagus

  50. I am so completely in love with this series!!! I can't tell you how crazy i've been going waiting for the third book but I know it's going to be worth losing my mind over. I would absolutely love to have the signed copies of my 2 favorite books! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this opportunity!!


  51. I love everything about this series. The concept, the characters, the writing. It's all so amazing!


  52. Thank you for hosting this! I really would love to win because I have adored this series from the start, and I collect signed copies of books. This would be the perfect addition to my collection! Fingers crossed!


  53. Oh my God these books. they practically killed me from the inside. I love water. absolutely love it. as a kid whenever I saw even just a little amount of water I thought, hey I should've brought my suit so I could swim. And now I'm a swimmer. A swimmer who still hopes that she could grow a tail and breathe underwater.

    So I physically connected with these books. I truly lived in them. When I read the first book, I absolutely loved it, adored it. And then the second, oh my God the second. Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time?
    I loved Emma and her character sooooooo much!! And Galen, he really killed me. I imagined myself with him. I'm a hopeless romantic.

    These books they gave me hope. Hope that I could live my dreams. Thank you for writing these books. Although this wait is the death of me. Thanks for reading this, I'd love to be able to get the books and experience this story as many times as I could possibly want. :D

  54. I want to win because I love these books so much. I love mermaids and anything to do with them so this series is perfect for me! I would love to have signed, physical copies of these books so I can read them all over again :)


  55. ❤Hi Honestly I wasn't really a fan of mermaids and romance and stuff but when I ipicked up your book. Lemme just was pretty good....haha..I CANT WAIT TILL OF NEPTUNE. It be great if you could write me a little message if I win. Thank you so much xx✋

    My twitter is @zarryismyhubby and pls send me a tweet if I win or something. I never do but whatever. You can send me a personal Dm for my email but yeah.