Monday, February 18, 2013


I'm elated to the infinite degree to be hosting this giveaway of RAVENS by Kaylie Austen. She's a very talented author pal of mine, and I'm stoooopid excited to read this YA debut. I know the dark and twisted mind that is Kaylie's and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need someone to hold me while I read it...

That said, you can (and should) connect with her on her blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Without further ado, here is the magnificence of RAVENS!

Blurb (World Castle Publishing January 2013):

What are Ravens, and are they as the world wants us to believe—sinister and without human qualities? When abruptly taken from their world, select humans are transformed into creatures of the night with penetrating eyes and uncanny abilities that most believe are a threat to mankind. Stripped from their mundane and ordinary lives, these creatures have no choice but to stalk the night and fight back in order to survive.
One such Raven is eighteen-year-old Liam, who uses his telepathy to communicate with Kendra in order to lure her into the transformation. It proves to be a double-edged gambit that turns into a tumultuous journey. Racing against time to save her sister, whom she believed to be dead, Kendra falls through a portal and into a parallel world where humans hunt her. She becomes a Raven with ill-controlled powers, trapped in a torrid affair with Liam, and desperately struggles to find a grip on her new reality.
Sounds intense huh? Huh??? *nudges shoulder* As a special treat, I've got an excerpt for your reading pleasure!

The first few times Kendra dreamt of Liam, he was a blurry ghost haunting her sleep. After the first year, he sat with her, talked to her, and consoled her.
“What’s wrong with your eyes?” she’d asked.
His gaze met hers until she looked away first. The intensity of those unnatural orbs sent chills down her spine. The colors were all wrong and made Liam seem dangerous, inhuman.
“Our eyes change here.”
“Where’s there?”
He shrugged. “Another world.”
“Like…the afterworld?”
He laughed. “I’m not dead!”
“Of course you are,” she muttered.
Liam disappeared when she awoke, and every so often returned to continue the conversation.
“Is Julie with you?” Kendra inquired with a bitter ache in her chest.
“What happened?”
“You really want to know?”
“Who killed you?”
He laughed. “I’m not dead!”
“Of course you are,” she muttered.
Liam hadn’t visited in a while, but the anniversary fast approached, which meant he’d pop up again.


I'm giving away not one but TWO signed copies of RAVENS. To enter, leave a comment below and tell me why you want to read this book so very much badly. Be convincing. Make me feel it. Make me want to overnight the book to you, mkay? Because that's how you're gonna win this giveaway.

So...On your mark...Get set...Wait for it...Wait...I said wait...GO!



  1. OOOOOHHHHH, look at that cover!!!! I love her dress - I wish I could see the entire thing!!!

    Anna, I totally want to read this book, very badly in fact, because you're giving them away! Right? YES! And that excerpt is intriguing. Eye colors changing? I haven't read any of that since Twilight!

    And Kendra is a nice name. As is Liam. Names are important when reading a book. There is NO WAY I want to read a book with a girl named, like, FANNY, or something.

    Anyway, thank you so much for the giveaway! I'm really hoping to win!!! :D

  2. Everybody see Alyssa's entry? THAT'S what I'm talking about! *high fives*

  3. Wow! I really want to read this! Why?
    1. It's a fantastical story with a romantic twist.
    2. It's got magical powers!
    3. The synopsis already has me on the edge of my seat!
    And I'm always looking for a magical portal that will transport me to another world.
    Adding it to my TBR LIST!

  4. What a gorgeous cover! Love the fantasy story with romance too! I'm SO SO excited to read this! Love the excerpt and love the creepy yet intriguing excitement shown. I'm adding it to my to-read list right now! Thanks for the chance to win!
    saltsnmore at yahoo dot com

  5. Oh, this sounds very very interesting! I've recently read about Ravens in a mythology class that I'm taking, and I was very interested by them. How they trick people and play games with them. I liked it very much and this book sort of reminds me of that. I would LOVE to read this because:
    1. It sounds really thrilling.
    2. It sound like something out of the myths I love.
    3. It's a book, and I swear to God I will read anything. I mean it. If you don't believe me ask my mom.
    I could really see myself sitting down with this book on my couch and reading it for hours. And that cover is absolutely gorgeous darling. I love it!

  6. Wow, that cover is GORGEOUS! I would absolutely love to read this book. I especially enjoy reading books about "unusual" paranormal creatures - that just sounds strange, doesn't it?! cause these days being just plain old PARAnormal isn't enough, ya know?! - that is, I want to read books that feature creatures other than vampires or werewolves (though I love them both) or angels.... I like the DARK stuff, people!!! And I love the mythology surrounding ravens! Also, I lost my sister (to domestic violence) five years ago, and reading that excerpt, I know EXACTLY the ache that Kendra is feeling in her chest when she thinks about her sister. If I can pretend, in the pages of a book, that somehow, somewhere, there's a chance for me to see my own sister again...well, that's a book I'd like to read.

    Anyway, I'm not one to gush, but I do promise you that I'm truly interested in reading this book and supporting an author who needs to be KNOWN! Thanks for the chance :)


  7. This sounds like not only a book or a story it sounds like a new world. When you find not only a good book but a book that there are no words to describe it, that is a new world. This book is what it sounds like. It sounds unique and beautiful and mysterious. I already feel like I can connect with Kendra because I have a dark mysterious and unique mind and Kendra lives in this dark mysterious and unique world that I want to explore. I want to hoard myself up in my room and engulf myself in every word and every emotion that Kendra feels I'll feel because that is what a great book no world does. This Is a world where few will find and yet millions will read. I am on edge to read this book and I cannot describe in words how just the except made me feel. This is a new book,story, and world I feel passionate about and you would have to be crazy not to salivate over every last word. I will probably go into book depression once I finish reading this because that's how I feel after I have reached the end of a book that I felt was a new world for me to hoard myself up in and I know I'll be itching just to find out what the sequal book will hold because if this book is as great as I know it will be, then there will be a sequel. I am positive you feel the same Anna.

  8. Wow! That cover looks very interesting! I think this will be a good read because it sounds like a really dark, and mysterious book. And i ESPECIALLY love the excerpt given, it makes Liam seem like a dangerous person, especially the eyes part. Really, just the name makes me want to read this. Since I love birdies (:D) and because I found all the books that I've read that had a Raven as a symbol to be really interesting. Like, the Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater >< And by what I heard, it's a really good book!!! Ack, so EXCITED!!! I really want to read this debut novel, to widen my genres of books I read, cause usually, it's fantasy or myths! But of course, any book with the word "ghost" is bound to be a mystical read!!!

  9. OK I am not going to start this out by saying "I love that cover!" because I don't want to sound like I am copying anyone but that would mean *takes a deep breath* I am not telling you how I really feel about the cover so... I love love love love love love love *takes a deep breath* LOVE love love love LOVE the cover. :) (I think I got my point across...)
    So the truth about my coming across this page is because my younger sister loves Kaylie Austen's books and she told me:
    "Brea you HAVE to read this! You will love this book and she is giving TWO books away!!!!!!!!!"
    I told her:
    "I'm busy I will read it later...." (The truth is I didn't want to read it because she always tells me to read books that she thinks are "really good" but they just aren't the types of books I'm into.)
    She told me:
    "No Brea you HAVE to read this one!! I promise you will like it!!!"
    So i read the summery and I told her:
    "Cool, sounds interesting, why don't you enter?"
    Did I sound interested at all when I said that? (you are thinking "Psssh no!") But what I was thinking in my mind was... O...M...G I HAVE TO READ THIS!!!
    So the end of this story is, that I am trying to win a free book because I want to surprise her with it and tell her that she was right and I was wrong.
    THE END!

    OK OK I will admit it!!! I LOVE and can't wait to read this book, that's why I want to win to!!! *Blushing*

    Send it to me!!!
    It sounds so good! i love the concept and plus i love debuts of authors. if she is a friend of yours how could i go wrong?!
    I need an amazing new novel in my life

  11. WOW, just WOW!! it DOES sounds intense, and interesting and awesome, and I'm just dying here because I wanna read it!!! like NOW!! If the cover or the plot hadn't already won me over, the excerpt totally did it! From what little I could see of Liam and Kendra, it shows how well and exciting the chemistry between these two is going to be; so please I would LOVE to win a signed copy :3

  12. I dunno if I can be convincing! Lol. This is the first time I have heard of this book, and it sounds seriously, totally cool. Ravens have always fascinated me, and I even did an art piece on them. Im always on the lookout for great new books to read (and possibly obsess over), plus Im looking to expand my print book collection :)
    Plus, the cover is cool as Flip.
    Thanks for the chance to win it!

  13. Wow, this book sounds sexy! Liam sounds sexy, haha I wonder if it's told from both their perspectives. I want to read Ravens because I can never say no to a good, sexy Romance!

    Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  14. Ravens sounds very interesting! I always loved Raven's and there mysterious ways and they're hauntingly beautiful yet terrifying as they're black wings look like darkness. I loved Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, although sad and haunting, the poem reminds me of Ravens. They also interest me because they are the opposite of dove's (the bird of peace). Everything usually has polar opposites and the book, will (hopefully) highlight all there is to Raven's. The excerpt was funny and very interesting and mysterious just like actual Raven's.

    Thank you!

  15. Pregnancy tends to destroy my creative cells. I can't write and, sadly, reading loses its appeal. Then the baby comes and I'm so sleep-deprived, the idea of looking at words makes me want to cry.

    I need this book because my baby is FINALLY sleeping through the night. I haven't read a new book since... I don't even want to think about it.


  16. Why do I want to win. Uhhh, because it sounds so deliciously twisted it's almsot impossible that I woudln't love it. Also, you said you loved it, so if you loved it I will love it cause I love you.

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  18. syrena_girl@yahoo.comFebruary 22, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    Why do I want to read this book? The better question would be why not?! This has a great plot, secrets around every corner, and life changing experiences! This is like the next Hunger Games! I mean it is that awesome! Corruption,loss,love,passion,dreams,and everything wonderful in a great book! I mean i'm speech less!They have to make up new words to describe how exciting and amazing this book has got to be! God, this whole thing is just twisted and passionate and a whole bunch of other stuff that i have no clue how to describe. I will most likely get the book as soon as possible and try and name my children after the characters names just because this is a book that awesome and if you can't see find a reason why this book wouldn't be awesome then well you must be out of your mind.

    Um... well now i'll probably scream and go out of my mind until this book is in my hands and the story burned into my mind. I'm freaking out right now just itching to get my hands on it! AAAHHH! I need the Ravens! OHMYFREAKINGGOD! I can't wait! Ok and for the record this can't be called a book it must be called a work of art and a brand new world to hoard yourself up in and never leave! I guarrenty I will be reading this book back to back! This sounds like the next Twilight so I bet this will end up being made into a movie. I hope it does! AH! I can't wait! Anna i don't know if I can even wait to get this book! I want to join the adventure and corrupted love story with Kendra today!

  19. Even though I love vampires and werewolves and such, there are so many stories out there that are too alike and it is hard to keep track of who's from what book and such. I've never heard of the Ravens before and I love mythology and history and love learning more. Also the cover is beautiful and this book sounds like it is going to be an awesome debut novel and I will put it as a to read on my kindle after I finish writing this. I love a good romance with some mystery and darkness. Thanks for the oppurtunity and I hope I can read Raven soon!!:) -a fellow Anna and bookworm PS Thanks again:D and I know this suborned will do well with this book and hopefully more to come!! Good night

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Oh.My Goddness.
    This book would be so perfect for me and my reading buddy! We share on about our favorite books, have a book talk, and laugh out loud. She'll be so happy once I show her this book! I can tell that this tale twisting, love binding story filled with pages that will make me cry and make me believe that this is a movie! Love will come down upon me and see how Liam and his friends will do in this story. Ideas will go around my head seeing how this story will continue and end. It seems so interesting and the cover is beautiful! I can tell that this book will be a combination of romance (of course), sadness, and back stabbers!
    - cherylwu21@yahoo{dot}com

  22. OMG!! I would really really LOVE to read this book. I think that the book cover is dark and mysterious but beautiful at same time. My best friends name is Liam, and i have always thought its a great name. I would love to win this book, but if i don't i am definitely going to buy it from a book store.

  23. I'm assuming since this an older post you've given this away already but I just wanted to say how this interest me. There are a couple of different mangas that I have read that include Crow demons and so I've kind have a fascination with them. Specifically Love Monster and Black Bird. I'm not even sure why but those mangas made crow people seem cool. So I'm assuming Raven people are cool too. Although the House of Night series had some bird people that were not so cool, I haven't continued the series so I'm not sure if they became cool later on.

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  25. Really? I don't want to go overboard why I really want to read this. Plus, you may have already given it away. I don't really care. It looks interesting. And I would love to read this. I can't put some of my feelings into words when I want to read books. I mean, when I read Of Poseidon, I just felt a pull... Heh not like THE pull, but a pull. A pull of interest, really. And I loved Of Poseidon, and I read Legacy Lost, and am sitting on the edge of my seat for Of Triton. I look up to authors, and I want to see other types of writting styles, I love reading.... I'm getting of track, aren't I?

  26. So you said to make you want to send this to you overnight, but to be honest I don't know what to say. The reason that I want to read this book is 1) You recommended it, 2) The blurb is superb and amazing, and 3) I am in college so I can't afford books that just sound interesting to read in my free time and I really miss that. Those would probably be my top three reasons why I want this book. Umm, and on another note I totally adore Of Poseidon and cannot wait for Of Triton! Love the books entirely with my heart:)) Thanks!!

  27. To be as original as possible, Reason 1: I love your work,Of Poseidon,you make the main characters interesting, which is a problem form e because usually I hate the main characters but love the supporting characters: so when you recommend a book I become very intrigued and would love to read a signed copy. Reason two: I love to read books by upcoming authors the best because their first book is an honest attempt and I find those are the best books. Reason 3: I have a kind of crappy life at home and books are my escape from all my family problems and I would love to read a book like this just to help me escape. Thank you.

  28. Well I think I'm too late but I'll give it a try. I'm not going to try and bore you with the long explanations- by that time you'll have wrinkles and gray hair. To be honest- I've never read these books before. I mean, I did read your book- Of Poseidon (I finished it about 5 minutes ago) and then I immediately jumped on my computer and Googled a sequel. Unlike everyone else...I guess I could afford the book if I wanted too. I could get a couple small jobs and save up for it, but I think it would be more special this way. And, yeah I do love to read. I guess also agreeing with Cheyenne about how I wanted to read it, is because you reccommended it so it must be good. I have a hard time picking out books I like anyways- I tend to stick to the same ones and read them over and over. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you didn't fall asleep!

  29. Um, I would just like to know if someone won already or there is no winner yet. If someone won I was just wondering if they did or not. Thanks!

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